So many people are good at starting a new endeavor--but not good at finishing.  Finishing is an important trait that separates those who complete what they start and those who simply start it.  You’ve started your fitness journey and it is inherently vital to your success to finish.  If you don’t finish it’s not complete, and you haven’t fully achieved what you’re capable of.  

Below are some of the most common reasons why people fail and solutions you can implement to achieve your goals.

No plan

You do random exercises and/or meals and don’t have a plan. Your time in the gym is spent trying this exercise or that piece of equipment, but there is not clear direction.  Oh, and if you do have a plan, you don’t stick to it long enough to see real tangible results. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t be either.  Conclusion: stick to a plan.

No purpose

You need a why, whether it’s short term or long term: you need something to reach toward. A goal is inherent to anyone’s success in health and fitness, yourself included.  You want to look better and have more confidence: it’s beach season, you have a class reunion coming up, you want to be a better example to your kids.  Conclusion: whatever your purpose is make sure to find it.  Write it down, and put it somewhere you can see it on a regular basis.

No accountability

This will fall into place if you have a plan and have a purpose. Using a calendar with tangible goals and concrete timeframe is a very tangible way to see whether or not you’re on the plan.  Having a partner in success is another good way to ensure accountability.  A coach/mentor keeping you accountable will also increase your chances of achieving your goals.  And if you can, be accountable to yourself--you owe it to yourself and your goals.  Conclusion: find accountability wherever you can.

You simply give up

Why would you give up something you wanted?  You decided, “I want this” but have given up.  Don’t make excuses. Don’t make up reasons that it’s not working. Don’t create problems that don’t exist. See it through like you said you would, and you’ll have more self-confidence.  At the end of the day, you’re not only giving up on your own goals, ambitions and dreams--you’re letting down the people who look up to you, depend on you, and see you as an example of inspiration.  If you think I’m making a bigger deal of the situation than I should, then it might be time to evaluate your own outlook--this is literally your life that I’m talking about here.  Conclusion: continue to move toward your goals!

It’s important to trust the process and stay committed.  Real commitment shows itself only when adversity rears its head.  If you’re having adversity (whether it’s real or you made it up in your mind) it’s a good indication you’re heading in the right direction.  You’re doing something outside of your comfort zone, expanding yourself as a human being and becoming a better person.  Have a plan, have a purpose, have accountability and keep going.  We created a program that has all these important aspects involved to ensure you succeed.  Start today.



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