Let's get you signed up so you can get started on optimizing your health, shredding fat, and building strength in a way you've never known before.  Get the confidence you need to achieve what you want out of life.  



And we’re not going to charge you for personal training fees, which are usually
$80 per session, and easily three times a week or so.  

We’re not going to add the price of weekly meal coaching that easily starts at
$100+ a week.  




If you hurry and get yourself signed up for the ELITE package now, you can even get enrolled into an exclusive online group, where you can ask any question you want and share the experience with a team of other PLATFORMERS going through the same program.  

Hurry because spots are limited, and THE PLATFORM ELITE is filling up quick!

Although we honestly don’t believe there can be a price tag on your health and quality of life, similar coaching would easily have you spending hundreds of dollars.  

          Personal Training 3x/Week: $240/week, $960/Month

      + Meal Coaching: $100/Week, $400/Month

      + The TIME you’ll be saving from time-consuming workouts…

         can you put a price tag on extra time with your loved ones and experiences?



You have 3 packages to choose from for this 12 week life-changing program.  So now it's just a matter of how quickly and effectively you want to achieve your goals...

  1. ISO - You get all the instruction for exercises and meals in an e-book.  

    This is the program for you if you're self-motivated and don't need feedback on your exercises or meals to push yourself to progress each week.  All information is self-contained in over 100 pages of comprehensive instructions and step-by-step guidelines, based on the latest research in nutrition and fitness.  The eBook is loaded with pictures and links throughout to help you clearly navigate within.
  2. PRO - Accelerate your results with weekly feedback.  

    Get the ISO e-book along with full access to the Members Section of the website.  We make sure you start out with the right weights and progress toward your goals each week.  Get access to all the tools necessary to ensure your completion of the 12-week program.

    You also get access to the PLATFORM Members App, techniques for how to do the workouts when you're on the road, and motivational push notifications on a regular basis to keep you moving forward.    
  3. ELITE - Achieve the best results with unlimited support.  

    We're here every step of the way with the ELITE package.  Get the ISO e-book free, access to the entire Members Section, the PLATFORM Members app, and access to THE PLATFORM ELITE online community.  Ask Garrett, Luc, or other members any question that you come up with.  Share recipes and experiences.  We'll do everything we can to keep you on track to accomplishing your goals throughout the 12-week program and thereafter.  

    You can even send in pictures or videos of your workouts and descriptions of your meals for feedback and individualized guidance.  We truly want you to succeed, and we'll do everything in our power to make sure you do.  You'll even have weekly video meetings for answers to YOUR QUESTIONS.  



do you get?






$47 Registration +

PRO Subscription

($47/mo for 3 Months)



$47 Registration +


PRO Subscription

($47/mo for 3 Months) +

ELITE Subscription

($97/mo for 3 Months)


walk-throughs of High Intensity Circuits, Warm-ups, and Cool-Downs

Cut Abs Circuit

Science Behind the Exercise Protocol and Eating Regimen

videos of proper exercise form to maintain stability and prevent

Meal Philosophy Template for the foods to eat and
when to eat them

to eat on a Typical Day with tips and tricks

delicious Recipe Ideas

Rules of Thumb for how to eat at a restaurant

Bonus: Full Access to Eating Regimen and Exercise Protocol Members-Only
Section of Website

Bonus: Personalized Starting Weights Calculated for your first High Intensity
Strength Circuit

Bonus: Workout Progress Worksheets to track your speed circuit and strength
circuit progress from week-to-week

Bonus: Members Only App: access all Eating Regimen and Exercise Protocol info
anywhere on your phone.  Log your numbers while at the gym.  Get
push notifications for motivation at your preference.  

Bonus: Regular Push Notifications to keep you motivated and on track

Bonus: Workout Progress Worksheets giving you the exact weight to use for
your next High Intensity Strength Circuit Workout

Bonus: Full Access to Entire Members-Only Section of Website

Weekly Coaching Call
with Luc
& Garrett to answer your questions and keep you on track

Bonus: Private membership to the Exclusive Forum to personally
interact, motivate, and ask any questions to online team of other Platformers
and Elite trainers

Bonus: Ability to email videos of workouts for critique

Bonus: Ability to email food logs for analysis of macros and general
food trends to be answered



ISO + $47/mo for 3 months


PRO + $97/mo for 3 months

ISO comes FREE with the ELITE package

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