People tend to catch bugs and get sick at all times of the year and colds can happen at anytime.  We compiled some info to help combat your sinus infection faster and get you back to the healthy state you should be in all the time:

First the basics: reduce the toxins in your diet (whole foods, ancestral-type diets are a good start), and get sufficient micronutrients that support immunity like:

  • Vitamin C (800 mg min. a day, you can't OD on this stuff so take a ton of it)

  • Iodine (kelp powder, or seaweed are good sources)

  • Selenium (brazil nuts, or brazil nut butter are good food-sources)

  • Vitamin D3 (the recommended amount is roughly 4,000-8,000 IU a day for the typical adult, less if you're getting lots of sun; take with a meal since it's a fat-soluble vitamin)

Something that's been shown in research to be effective for sinus infections is nasal drops with xylitol in them, since the xylitol helps to break down the biofilm (i.e. the bacteria that's making you sick and sticking to each other in your nasal passages).  The following spray should be perfect for this, but it needs to be taken about 3 or 4 times a day to be effective:

This can probably be found at your local drugstore also.

The third component you might add to kill the stuff fast is a tonic with the following items, thrown in a blender and then put  down the hatch:

  • a handful of garlic cloves

  • chopped red onion

  • chopped ginger

  • horseradish

  • habanero peppers

  • cover with some raw apple cider vinegar, and thrown in some turmeric and cayenne pepper

Yes, this will probably be absolutely disgusting to most people, but it's an anti-microbial bomb that is also extremely effective for most people too.  It’s the price of admission!  

Try some or all of these tips, and let us know how it goes!  

Now, you may have known some of this info already, but the majority of it is probably new to you. We know how hard it can be to get good reliable info nowadays on overall health, nutrition, and fitness.  We understand how you feel.  That’s a big reason why we founded The PLATFORM.  Luc and I have already sifted through all the info and provided you a comprehensive program to get you feeling and looking awesome.  Do your body and mind a favor and sign up today--you know you owe it to yourself.


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