In a previous post we covered the most common reasons why going keto doesn’t work for many people.  It can be anything from eating processed keto foods, to eating high inflammatory fats, to lack of nutrients, to giving up way too early.  Below are solutions to each of these issues so you can get on track and have keto success!

Eating whole foods:

These are foods with one ingredient--or at the very most two ingredients.  You should be able to look at any food and identify what it is and/or what it’s made of: there’s only one thing in a pastured egg, there’s only one thing in grass-fed butter, there’s only one thing in organic spinach.  The less junk that’s been added to the food the happier and healthier your body will be.  It’ll be easier to get ketosis to work for you.

Low inflammatory foods:

The best fats for ketosis come from humanely, organically, and ethically raised animals and plants.  In a nutshell, what this means is that the plants are healthy and the animals are healthy because they’re eating the healthy plants they’ve evolved to eat.  Pretty simple right?  Any foods high in saturated fats will, for the most part, inherently be low inflammatory.  They’ll help you do keto much better.

Sticking through it:

We’re all different, come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying genetic backgrounds.  Some of us have genes that make it easier for us to switch over to using fat for energy, while others don’t necessarily.  We’re all unique and so are our paths: no one journey is the same.  Realizing this and knowing that since you’ve been carb-dependent your whole life it may take some time to be fat adapted are of paramount importance. 

Like I said in the previous accompanying postyou’ve been carb-dependent your entire life, try to be keto-adapted for a few days and give up because it’s hard and not working.  Of course it’s not working, you didn’t give it a fair shot! 

Follow a plan, be patience and trust the process.  You’ll experience success if you follow these steps and keep moving forward.


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