Today, tables will be covered with all sorts of delicious and tempting Thanksgiving classics. Choosing wisely will allow you to enjoy the holiday while not putting your health and fitness goals in jeopardy (see our Thanksgiving Game Plan).

But why is it so important to think before eating tomorrow and every other day? Well because having the right amount of body fat leads to awesome benefits:

Get Physical

It seems obvious, but keeping those extra pounds off will allow you to do more physical things, like playing with your kids, going on a hike, and striking upward facing dog pose. And aren’t those the things we enjoy most?

But that’s not to mention the more basic activities that require us to get up and get moving, like going to work and grabbing groceries. It may seem like a few extra pounds aren’t a problem, but extra body fat can keep our butts glued to a chair, which is no fun and bad for our health.

Eat Smart, Think Smart

It might seem like the opposite, but eating smart, getting exercise and maintaining a healthy body fat percentage is critical to being smart.

What do we mean? Keeping extra body fat off is linked to better brain function. That’s why if you eat smart (and exercise smart), you can be smart.

Keeping those extra pounds off is also linked to higher energy levels, which will not only help you stay alert and aware, but also keeps you from staying stuck to a chair (no rhyme intended). Higher energy also means better exercise, which is another health bonus.

Enjoy Thanksgiving By Eating Platform Smart

We want you to know that you can really, really, actually, we swear enjoy Thanksgiving and be healthy. Tomorrow’s festivities often add a few ticks to the scale and so we just wanted to remind you about the great benefits of keeping off unwanted pounds.

We hope you’ll enjoy Thanksgiving and keep on track with those health and fitness goals! If you need any easy, last-minute tips, check out our Thanksgiving Game Plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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