Do you have someone in your life who loves being fit or is trying to step it up? Obviously, we recommend you sign them up for THE PLATFORM (hint, hint). But we’ve got some other options lined up for you that will make buying your holiday gifts a breeze.

French Press

Does your significant other or one of your friends or family members like coffee? Well consider a French Press. It will produce that jolt of life that so many of us need and keep in the delicious coffee oils, which are often filtered out through paper filters.

Although there’s admittedly mixed research on the effects of these oils (for example they have the potential to raise LDL cholesterol (1): not good) , they are shown in several studies to have antioxidative, antitumorigenic, and anti-inflammatory effects (2,3).  Coffee consumption as a whole has been shown in several studies to reduce all-cause mortality, as well as the risk for heart disease (4,5), and recall the importance of inflammation to the secret to living over 100!

Also, if the person on the receiving end of this gift really, really likes coffee (or wants to fully dive into the wonderful world of the coffee bean), he or she will be able to geek out with different flavors and flavor profiles.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz), Chrome


Compression Pants

It’s the time of year where temperatures drop (to varying degrees depending on where you are). Compression pants will keep your loved one warm, make them look even better than they already do, and give them a surprising benefit.

Compression pants will help decrease soreness faster after your workouts (try them the night right after the workout). That will help them get back to getting fit faster. Also, (most importantly) they’re fashion-approved by Luc.

SKINS Men's DNAmic Compression Long Tights

Starting from $29

SKINS Women's DNAmic Compression Long Tights

Starting from $29

Light Alarm Clocks

Forget your old alarm clock that will beep at you and annoy the hell out of you. That’s not the way you want your loved one to wake up.

Alarm clocks that gradually turn up the brightness of the light they produce offer a few benefits. The clock’s light helps start your circadian rhythm and tells your body to turn off the melatonin, which will help your loved one get their day started right.

INLIFE Wake-Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock





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