Interesting Facts about Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult, and although 80% of your body composition can be attributed to diet the other 20% is influenced by a number of different factors – our genes, when we eat, and how much stress we’re under on a day to day basis is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out some interesting facts about weight loss that could be making it difficult to shift those extra pounds.

Why weight loss can be difficult for some

Some people are naturally curvier than others. Our genes play a big role in the way we look – from how tall we are to eye color and weight too. While too many calories and not enough exercise do have an impact on how heavy we are, how much fat our body stores and how quickly we lose weight can be dictated by our genes. Over 100 different genes are implicated in weight loss and gain and some gene mutations can cause our bodies to store much more fat than we need to.

Facts about weight loss

Food obviously plays a part in weight loss and gain. But were you aware that the quality of your food choices will impact how quickly you lose weight and also how successful you are at keeping the pounds off? A diet rich in fiber, micronutrients, minerals and vitamins is much better for your body. Foods containing these elements make it easier to shed weight and keep it off. Selecting food on calorie content alone is choosing a path of most resistance when it comes to dieting.

You’ve probably heard that exercise is essential for losing weight. Sleep is too. While you slumber, your body gets busy repairing tissue damage, bolstering your immune system, sorting out memories and what you’ve learned since you last got some shut-eye. While your body is busy repairing, recharging and improving itself for the following day it’s also burning calories – in fact it’s when your sleeping that most of your fat and calories are being used up.

And yep, exercise is essential for healthy weight loss. Not only will it help you burn calories, it will tone up your body so when the excess weight starts to dissolve, it will reveal some great toned muscles beneath it.  Not all exercise is created equal in terms of weight loss though. If you want to shed weight faster, opt for high intensity interval training (HIIT). This is one of the reasons HIIT is the basis for the Platform regimen!

It doesn’t help to be a saint all the time. Just as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all diet and no treats makes losing weight more difficult. The reason for this is two-fold. Treat days (or cheat days if you prefer) help you stick to your diet by giving you something great to look forward to each week. But better than that; treat days help increase the production of leptin, boosting your metabolism. Eating less on a diet can slow your metabolism down and switch your body into a mode of saving calories which makes it harder to reverse the needle on those scales. Treat days let it know you’re not experiencing famine and to maintain its current metabolic rate. Just don’t go overboard.

In Summary…

To sum it all up, focus on these main components when aiming for your weight-loss goals:

  1. Emphasize nutrient-rich foods in your diet rather than solely paying attention to calories.  

  2. Build in quality sleep as a necessary part of your weight-loss regimen.

  3. Incorporate high-intensity training for your exercises.

  4. Keep those treat meals in your plans every so often to give yourself something to keep looking forward to!

We truly believe you can remove the stress of weight and simplify your goals if you just work toward those four pillars!

This was a guest post written by our guest, Elise Morgan (@elisemthewriter ). Elise is a freelance writer located in North Carolina who has recently found her passion writing about all things health and wellness. Elise’s writing came about as she studied exercise science in school and hasn’t been able to let it go since! In her free time, Elise enjoys practicing yoga, trying out new recipes, and traveling to new restaurants with her friends.


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