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cut abs circuit

Alright, with abs, we have a nice opportunity to get frequent, quick workouts in and see some substantial results. We’re going to implement some specific biological hacks that will make our time ultra-efficient and allow us to be effective in achieving our ab goals...



A huge factor for cutting the fat in our abdominal area, which we’ll only brush the surface of here, is diet (not calorie restriction, but what you’re putting in your body). We have a comprehensive diet program for this purpose, but this document will serve to specifically address the ab workout itself, and some basic principles.

When you first wake up in the morning, have a big glass of cold water. The cold water will boost your metabolism and jump start your body to burning more calories. If you’re used to having coffee in the morning before doing anything else, go ahead and have that as well. Otherwise, jump right into the ab workout. Do not have any real food yet. We want to take advantage of the fact that we’re still in a fasting state and force our body to use our body fat as a fuel source.

There are a total of 9 movements that you’ll be able to fly through pretty quickly. Each set will contain 20 repetitions (reps) for the first week. You can perform this workout three to five times throughout the week (do not perform more than five, and make sure to get at least 3). Each week, you will add five reps to each exercise from the previous workout (20 reps the first week, 25 the next week, 30...) until you get to 50. Check in at that time, and we’ll modify.

Alright, let’s get into the exercises.


We highlighted each of the steps with images below for you:

1. Begin with Straight Crunches (20x for the first week). Focus on keeping your legs at about a ninety-degree angle


Try to focus on bringing your chin up to the ceiling as opposed to arching your back and pulling your head forward.

2. Next Side Crunches. You’ll start by crunching to your right, thus your right leg will go over your left. Note that you want to keep your left heal raised throughout the exercise. 

Crunch up and to your opposite side

3. Rinse and repeat after you complete the prescribed number of reps. Now Side Crunch to the opposite side.

4. Leg Raises. Place your hands under your glutes and maintain contact with your lower back and the floor (do not hyperextend/arch your lower back).

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.12.58 PM.png

Raise your legs to an angle greater than 45 degrees. There’s no need to go all the way up to 90, as you start losing resistance shortly after 45, and we want to maintain tension in our abs throughout the entire set.


5. Now you’ll move into Russian Twists, or as an easier alternative when you're starting out, Oblique Crunches. Keep your lower abs engaged and slightly raise your shoulders off the floor as you move side to side.

Touch your heel before moving back to the other side. Look up toward the ceiling, not toward your belly button. We want to minimize strain in your neck.

6. Now quickly jump to Flutter Kicks. Maintain stability in your lower back by engaging your lower abs and putting your hands under your glutes as in leg raises.

Move your right leg over your left and then your left over your right. That completes one repetition.


7. Alright now back to crunches. You will repeat the straight and each side crunches. But this time, try to hold your legs out further so that there is less than a ninety degree angle between the floor and your upper legs. You will really need to keep those lower abs turned on to make sure you don’t start lifting your back up off the floor. Grind on these, this is the home stretch!


8. Back to the Sides. Again, try to hold your legs further out this time around.

9. Rinse and repeat to the other side, and your done for today.

Great job! If your abs are on fire that means you did it right. If not, add 5 reps to each the next go around. And if you're already at 50 reps for each, go slower through each rep or decrease your rest time between each ab move. This is a quick ab routine that will get you visible results. Keep going and you'll be supreme! 

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